"Agricultural Biodiversity and Sustainable Livelihoods: the case of Dryland Ecosystems"

Workshop for the 15th Session of the Global Biodiversity Forum Nairobi, 12-14 May 2000-03-27

Organised by ITDG with ELCI, UNDP and others

Workshop Structure

Friday 12 May 2000

Session 1 15.30 - 17.00
"COP V, agricultural biodiversity & drylands farmers"

Format: Plenary

To explain the dynamic and participatory nature of the workshop
To outline the key themes of the workshop
To inform participants as to the frameworks for the next day's discussions

Chair: Tewolde Egziabher Debre, director, Environmental Protection Agency, govt of Ethiopia; spokesperson for the Africa Group

Presentations: Farmers' Rights, livelihoods and the COP V's decisions on agricultural biodiversity
Patrick Mulvany, food security policy adviser, ITDG

What farmers need from policy makers to manage agricultural biodiversity Melanya Govo and Mishek Mutapwa, Zimbabwean farmers' representatives

Sustainable use of drylands ecosystems: community participation in on farm conservation (including gender issues) Lene Poulsen, Technical Advisor, UNSO/UNDP Office to Combat Desertification and Drought

Sustainable livelihoods and agricultural biodiversity David Cooper, CBD Secretariat

Discussion: Questions for clarification

Saturday 13 May 2000

Principal chair: Ulf Svensson, adviser on agricultural biodiversity to the government of Sweden

Alternate chairs: Ebbie Dengu, Director, ITDG Southern Africa Barbara Gemmill, ELCI

Format for the day: The first three sessions will hear two short presentations, following which delegates will break into three small groups for discussion. The same groups will be kept for all three sessions to enable participants to take issues through the day, and form a basis of mutual understanding. Each group will be facilitated. The final session in plenary will seek to draw together the issues and questions.

Session 2 09.00 - 10.30
"Managing natural resources in the drylands"

Format: Presentations followed by small group discussions

Aims: To examine the sustainable use of agricultural biodiversity in drylands

Presentations: Agricultural biodiversity in drylands: what's in it for farmers Barbara Gemmill, executive director, ELCI

Threats and opportunities for farmers making use of drylands agricultural biodiversity Toribio Quispe, Peruvian farmers' leader

Discussion: What helps or hinders farmers in their daily practice of on-farm management of drylands agricultural biodiversity?

Facilitators: RIOD, UNDP

Session 3 11.00 - 12.00
"Agricultural biodiversity as economic capital"

Format: Presentations followed by small group discussions

Aims: To examine the use of agricultural biodiversity as economic capital which can support farmers and their communities and contribute to national food security

Presentations: The economic value of drylands agricultural biodiversity in East Africa Lucy Emerton, IUCN East Africa

Sustainable management: what it costs us, how we can benefit Farmers representative from Kenya

Discussion: What are the costs and what are the economic opportunities to farmers of engaging in on-farm conservation?

Susil Liyanarchi, ITDG South Asia
Phoebe Barnard
Lucy Emerton, IUCN East Africa

Session 4 14.00 - 15.30
"Social capital and institutions"

Format: Presentations followed by small group discussions

Aims: To examine how farmers perceive, and how policy makers can respond to, the need to build capacity for in situ conservation

Presentations: Farmers' perceptions of biodiversity and their institutional support to manage it Blessing Bataumocho, ITDG Southern Africa

How does the COP V agenda address farmers' needs for support? RIOD [tbc]

Discussion: How can institutions at all levels work for the sustainable use of agricultural biodiversity?

Facilitators: Rodger Mpande, ITDG Southern Africa Phoebe Barnard

Session 5 16.00 - 17.30
"Bridging the gap: what farmers require from policy makers"

Format: Plenary, with possible break into two new groups: stakeholders and their intermediaries; and policy bodies

Chair: Ulf Svensson

Aims: Dynamically to draw together key issues arising from the workshop To produce a priority list of desired actions at the levels of policy formulation and implementation, involving the participation of, and for the benefit of, grassroots communities

Presentation: Key issues from the three groups summarised Two new groups tasked

Discussion: How to put a statement of principles to the COP V delegates

Facilitators: Lucy Mathenge, ITDG East Africa

Sunday 14 May 2000

Session 6 08.30 - 10.00 Working session: preparation of report

Chair: Patrick Mulvany, ITDG

Discussion: How to communicate our action proposals to COP V delegates

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