News from COP V

3RD APRIL 2000: A fair COP for Biosafety, Farmers' Rights and Food Security?

9TH MAY 2000: African farmers confront the world's policy makers at key environmental forum

15TH MAY 2000: President Arap Moi's Opening Speech

16TH MAY 2000: Access discussions mire International Undertaking progress

17TH MAY 2000: Farmer's Seed Bank Project Enhances Biodiversity

17TH MAY 2000: Terminator Technology still alive!

17TH MAY 2000: Farmers invite Delegates to their Seed Fair

17TH MAY 2000: International Undertaking

17TH MAY 2000: Statement to the Working Group on Access to Genetic Resources at COP 5

17TH MAY 2000: GBF 15: Recommendations on Agricultural Biodiversity

18TH MAY 2000: Defending Agricultural Biodiversity

19TH MAY 2000: Intervention to Working Group 1, presented by Patrick Mulvany, ITDG on behalf of Civil Society Organisations at COP 5

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